As most teachers can attest, aligning lesson plans to the core curriculum that also keep students engaged can be a challenge - but Tract is here to help.

In a recent blog post on Free Technology for Teachers, Richard Byrne shares how teachers can leverage Tract as a source of inspiration for updating lesson plans -  or replacing them entirely - with the help of the Tract Creators!

"As a Tract member, you can share your lesson plans with the Tract team and get ideas on how to “Tractify” them into an engaging video lesson and project-based challenge on Tract. Again, this is an area where you could also enlist the help of your students. Ask them for their ideas on how they’d like to see a topic presented in video form and challenge them to make a learning path about it."
-Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers

Read the full blog post here, then sign up for your FREE Tract account by using access code BYRNE.