Every major problem in this world is the byproduct of a failure in the education system. If kids all had confidence in themselves, a strong sense of purpose, and access to knowledge we’d be more globally connected, more socially responsible, and spending our human capital on the most important problems.

Raising an independent, kind, happy, and purposeful child is every parent’s ultimate goal. But it’s hard. Really hard. I had great parents, teachers, friends, and extracurriculars. These experiences were laid in front me and set the arc of my personal trajectory. I was privileged. Others were not.

What if I could help kids (and parents) around the world find a shortcut?

I deconstructed my own coming of age experience and found:

  1. Confidence comes from your community
  2. Purpose comes from your role models
  3. Knowledge comes from your peers

If we could create a community of young leaders who model the right behavior, motivate, support and share their interests, passions, skills and knowledge at-scale, we could dramatically improve the likelihood that all kids are successful.

In 2030 your kid’s trajectory will be formed based on their own merit, enabled by Tract. GPAs will still matter. Test scores will not. People will not be able to flex their economic advantage into experiences reserved only for the top 1% and worsen the achievement gap. Instead, any kid with an internet connection can join a community they care about, learn, become a leader and transparently display their body of work on Tract. No more resume building. No more check the box internships. Tract will be electives and extracurriculars on demand, at scale. Present in homes, after-school centers, and schools all over the world.

Our next generation of human capital will be pointed toward what really matters. Solving the problems previous generations left behind and unknown challenges ahead of us.

I can’t do this alone. If what you’ve read resonates, please join our community and help us reimagine education.