In her 40 years of teaching, leading educator and best-selling author Esther Wojcicki's goal has been to teach students to believe in themselves, which, as many educators know, is easier said than done. But, by giving kids some control of their learning through choice, Esther found that we can empower students to believe in themselves.  

In a featured article on FE News, Esther shares how, during the "Great Learning Loss" of the pandemic era, teachers can reconsider how we think about 2020 for students, and focus on what they learned, and how they coped in the face of an international crisis.

"Giving kids some control of their learning, gives them choice, it is the foundation of teaching them to believe in themselves. Our schools give kids very little choice; in fact, they have almost no control. Schools are run by a defined curriculum. Teachers are evaluated on delivering the standards. Parents pick schools based on test scores."
-Esther Wojcicki, FE News

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