When it comes to implementing Project Based Learning in a meaningful and manageable way, PBL Works' Gold Standard is, well, the gold standard. It’s comprehensive, research-supported, and essential if we want to ensure high quality results for students. However, turning theory into practice is the challenge.

To make Project Based Learning meaningful, students have to latch on, opt-in, and have true voice and choice. To make it manageable, educators can’t feel stressed, anxious, or time-strapped while juggling the unique interests and abilities of every student.

That’s why it’s so important for PBL educators to become experts on process as much as (if not more than) they are on subject matter, and leading educator, and Tract cofounder, Esther Wojcicki, shares four key ingredients educators can use to accelerate their success in the classroom.

"There has to be a real, authentic audience beyond your classroom...we must extend student work beyond the classroom and school walls."
-Esther Wojcicki, PBL Works

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