While PBL is an important part of a balanced classroom, it certainly comes with challenges for teachers. There are often different groups within the class working on different projects, meaning teachers are pulled in many different directions in order to support every learner. It can be a struggle to meet the needs of all of the groups, and, like everything else in teaching, there simply isn’t enough time to offer the support students need.

In a post on the Curriculum Corner, authors Jill + Cathy share how, with the help of Tract, teachers can address these challenges and seamlessly integrate PBL into their classroom, while catering to the unique needs and interests of every student.

"I love that Tract offers a range of visual and performing art lessons. Alone these are amazing. So often the arts are left out of our instruction and this offers a great way to hook and reach the students that are motivated by art of all types."
-Jill + Cathy, The Curriculum Corner

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