Passion-based learning is becoming more popular in schools — and for good reason: Educators who have set aside time for passion-based learning have discovered that students become highly engaged and motivated when learning about topics that intrigue them, while taking their learning much deeper than they would in a traditional lesson.

When led effectively, passion-based learning can unleash students’ creativity and help them learn critical 21st century skills, while also assuming agency over their own learning. However, passion-based learning can be challenging to implement. To make it work, educators need the support of administration — and they need to be willing to take risks.

In a recent article featured in THE Journal, 3 innovative educators share how they're successfully using Tract to bring passion-based learning to life in their classrooms.

"Giving all students the option to explore their interests can be challenging on a large scale. To overcome this hurdle and make the process easier for teachers, Sonora Elementary uses a new peer-to-peer learning platform called Tract."
-THE Journal

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