If it feels like your students’ best behavior has been fizzling out almost as fast as your patience—you’re not alone. Nearly 87% of districts are reporting a decline in classroom behavior, and pointing to a lack of social-emotional development as the leading cause.

While we wish we could wave a magic wand and solve all of your classroom’s behavioral management problems, we can help you make significant strides toward improving SEL skills. And that starts by empowering students with ways to effectively manage their emotions.

Introducing: The Chill Zone

Just like your favorite classroom warm-ups, each bite-sized project in the Chill Zone can be completed in 5 minutes or less, and are designed to help ground students as they reflect, refocus, and regain control of their emotions so they can learn at their peak potential.

From transition projects after lunch or electives, to mental health breaks on-demand, SEL Project Guide can be easily assigned from your Tract account or projected to the class to complete together.

Want some help integrating these activities with your current lesson plans? Set up a personalized, 15-minute call with our team to get started.