1.2 Hours

The average amount of time GATE students spend on Tract per day

5+ Hours

The average amount of time GATE teachers save in lesson planning and programming per week with Tract

When it comes to identifying and serving gifted and talented learners, it’s usually left up to teachers to provide these students with the supporting tools and resources they need to thrive. However, on top of an already jam-packed curriculum, plus lesson planning for 25+ students each week, GATE enrichment plans naturally fall to the bottom of every teacher’s growing to-do list.

In order to stay engaged in their education and truly thrive, Gifted and Talented students need diverse educational programs that go beyond the standard curriculum, and teachers need more time and resources to support them.

Through challenging on-demand classes and the structure and support to deepen learnings through teaching their peers, Tract empowers gifted and talented students to accelerate, matching high-level students’ general abilities and specific talents with optimal learning opportunities throughout their K-12 years.


Gifted and talented students do not have an on/off switch, meaning that, in order to accelerate, they need ongoing support to keep their minds engaged outside of the classroom.

However, with limited resources available for time-strapped teachers to effectively recognize, address, and cater to their high-achieving students both in and outside of the classroom, GATE learners are often left disengaged and limited in their potential.


Through peer-led, on-demand classes designed to spark creativity and sharpen existential skills, and structured support to deepen classroom learnings through teaching their peers, Tract provides Gifted and Talented students with a turnkey solution to accelerate and thrive throughout their K-12 years.

By providing access to Tract, both in and outside of the classroom, teachers are able to support high achieving students and skyrocket self-efficacy by providing time for acceleration/enrichment beyond the standard curriculum for students who would otherwise be “practicing what they already know.”

“I get bored at school because I’m told what to do, and how to do it. I'm never bored on Tract...there’s a huge variety of topics, and they’re all exciting!”
-K, Tract Learner, Age 10

Whether using Tract during Genius Hour/20% Time, to post-testing breaks and as part of their hybrid-learning lesson plans, GATE teachers appreciate the fact that Tract provides turnkey, stimulating learning opportunities that match every child’s unique talents and abilities.

Teach for High Potential

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