of Tract Teachers have, or plan to, use Tract as part of their hybrid or distance learning model

COVID-19 exposed a lot of challenges in our K-12 education system, especially when it comes to how students learn online, and how to best support teachers in maintaining classroom and curriculum expectations from a remote setting.

Aside from helping students adjust to isolation and lack of classroom collaboration, distance learning places new burdens on the shoulders of teachers, who are now expected to act as IT/tech support; mediators for at-home distractions; coaches for parents adjusting to their new roles as at-home parent-teachers.

In an already under-supported, time-strapped profession, teachers need a solution that can help them balance the new world of distance and hybrid learning, while keeping students on track to prevent learning loss.


It's not a secret - both teachers and students are struggling with online and distance learning. In all-remote environments, teachers are trying to find the balance to maintain collaboration and engagement, while dealing with added at-home distractions, and passive students not being held accountable at home to sign in to “zoom school.”

On top of trying to meet the interests and needs of every student, teachers are struggling to find solutions that provide optionality, and are durable enough to last for both full in person and remote learning in today’s uncertain environment.

With all of these added challenges to the school day, it’s no wonder over two-thirds of teachers report learning loss, stating the majority of their students are less prepared for grade-level work than years prior.


  • Self-directed challenges for every student: With a growing library of self-directed classes ranging in difficulty, teachers can easily meet the personal needs and interests of students of every level, without having to carve out extra time to create individualized lesson plans, both in the classroom and in remote settings.
  • Intuitive online platform: Spend less time running tech support and more time building relationships and guiding students, thanks to Tract’s easy-to-follow platform that makes online learning a breeze for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Built-in engagement and collaboration: With classes led by inspiring student leaders, who we call Creators, and a buzzing project gallery that encourages classroom collaboration through likes, comments, and awards, you’ll quickly see your students' excitement for learning grow while on Tract!
  • Future-proof: Tract’s flexible online platform works in hybrid learning environments, and can adapt with teachers in an uncertain future of in person vs online instruction

"Launching Tract while students were navigating our latest Covid lockdown in New Zealand could have been a challenge. However, the support, pathways, and connections that students and teachers received was amazing."
-Barry H., Teacher at Gisborne Intermediate School

Tract for Every Style of Distance Learning

Whether you’re fully remote or running a hybrid model, Tract fits into every style of distance learning to keep students engaged and focused, no matter where they’re learning from.

  • Synchronous - complete learning paths as a class, or encourage group work for students to synchronously work on learning paths together in a remote setting
  • Asynchronous - empower every learner to remain focused as they complete learning paths at their own pace. while having the opportunity to engage with their classmates through comments and feedback from the project gallery and clubs.
  • Hybrid - Give students a chance to work together with their peers and collaborate, both in and outside of the classroom, while easily tracking their progress from the educator dashboard.

"Tract enabled our students to connect and engage with a choice and range of different learning experiences. I'd recommend this platform to any teacher who is looking to empower their students; remote teaching doesn't need to be boring or the norm. Dive into Tract - your students will take their learning to a deeper level!"
-Barry H., Teacher at Gisborne Intermediate School

Prevent Learning Loss by Keeping Students on Tract

Keep your students on track and prevent learning loss by integrating self-directed classes on Tract to your distance learning lesson plans - FREE when you sign up with access code DISTANCELEARNING.