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of teachers said “My students would benefit from more PBL experiences in school.” -PBL Works

Project Based Learning (PBL) arms students with the tools and resources they need to be successful, both academically and in the real-world, by teaching them how to solve complex problems, work collaboratively, think critically, and communicate effectively.

Along with supporting the development of college and career-ready skills, teachers and students agree that PBL creates an engaging learning environment that students love. In fact, according to PBL Works, students consistently state they like learning best when they can “do things, build or make things, and share what they have learned with others.”

But, to maintain engagement, and for PBL to be truly transformative for students, it needs to be meaningful and manageable, meaning teachers need to develop individualized lesson plans and projects to pique each students’ unique interests and passions. In an already time-strapped profession, implementing this type of learning can be a daunting task.

Through self-directed classes, challenging problems and questions, seamless classroom integration, and alignment to student voice and choice, Tract empowers teachers and students to participate in PBL in the classroom -- no fancy tools or resources required.


To make a PBL program meaningful and manageable, time-strapped teachers need the support to effectively, and efficiently, develop personalized lesson plans and projects that take advantage of each student's unique strengths and interests. With a current lack of clear implementation guidelines and PBL-specific training, this can feel next to impossible.

Additionally, once these customized lesson plans are developed, teachers face other inevitable challenges, like incomplete or poor-quality projects, and ultimately low productivity and lack of interest from students. This low engagement makes it difficult to continue the effort of customized, project-based lessons in the classroom.


Through engaging classes, exciting challenges, and impact-driven, peer-to-peer motivation, Tract provides the structure and support to keep the whole class engaged as they complete lessons aligned to PBL Works' 7 Essentials of Project Based Learning:

  1. Challenge Problems & Questions - posed at the end of every lesson
  2. Sustained Inquiry - encouraged through follow up research and applying information in challenge responses
  3. Authenticity - classes and philanthropic donations that solve a real need in the world beyond the classroom
  4. Student Voice & Choice - through the opportunity to choose classes and the projects they create
  5. Reflection - creator-led feedback and reflection prompts to improve project quality
  6. Critique & Revision - opportunities to give and receive peer-to-peer feedback through awards and recognition within Tract
  7. Public Product - final project submissions are uploaded and visible to Tract members only through the project gallery

No new training or professional development required! Simply sign in to Tract during classroom time and be easily guided and supported within the platform, including the ability to maintain your PBL culture and facilitate projects remotely.

  • Follow-up challenges designed for students to reflect on their learning and think critically and independently

  • Advocate for student voice and choice by meeting them where their interests are through kid-driven topics taught by inspirational youth leaders and changemakers, who will quickly become classroom role models

  • Drive project completion with Coins, a currency exclusive to Tract, which rewards students for projects completed and empowers them to tackle real world problems and issues they care most about through the ability to trade those coins in for real-world donations from Tract’s prize board - like protecting the coast, planting a tree, or donating a meal

  • Monitor project quality from the educator dashboard, where teachers can easily see feedback loops of critique, reflection and refining from our team of moderators and peer-reviewers in charge of checking project quality

Tract is a PBL Works preferred choice for remote learning for students to explore classes and online clubs.

Seamlessly integrate Project Based Learning in your classroom with Tract - FREE when you sign up with access code PBLWORKS.