Helping students develop their researching skills arms them with an extremely useful life skill that they’ll be able to leverage far beyond the classroom. The ability to gather and analyze information, and then reformat it into a presentation for peers, helps students build critical thinking skills while deepening their comprehension of any given subject.

At Bethel Springs Elementary School, students in Lynn Cashell’s class are completing passion projects in the form of learning paths to teach their peers on Tract, while developing core skills in research, writing, and critical thinking.

By publishing their own learning paths as Tract Creators, Bethel Springs Elementary students are deepening curriculum comprehension while helping one another further their research skills through hands-on challenges and projects for their peers to complete on Tract.

“The projects students create on Tract tap into so many state standards in reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching, etc. Maybe more than traditional lessons even would.”
-Lynn C., Teacher at Bethel Springs Elementary School

Meet Tract Student Creator: @Charlotte_loves_guinea_pigs

Passionate about sports and dreams of becoming a famous performer, Bethel Springs Elementary School student Charlotte_loves_guinea_pigs is sharing her art and teaching skills with her peers through her published learning path on Tract, titled: How to Draw an Octopus!

This three-mission learning path, led by Charlotte_loves_guinea_pigs, goes beyond a simple art tutorial. After showing others how to draw an octopus, Charlotte_loves_guinea_pigs adds educational value to her learning path by then challenging peers to put their research skills to the test and find three facts about octopi:

After completing this learning path, students can upload a video or image of their drawing, along with the findings from their research. Charlotte_loves_guinea_pigs then has the opportunity to further her role as the teacher by providing comments and feedback to the challenge submissions:

Submissions from peers at Bethel Springs Elementary School

With more than 130 students working on this learning path at a given time, Charlotte_loves_guinea_pigs has quickly become one of the most popular student Creators on Tract.

Along with having the opportunity to share her passions with others in her school, she’s also gaining real-world experience in online teaching, communication, and collaboration as she provides 1:1 feedback to others submitting projects to her learning path.

“I enjoy learning how to revise and edit my videos, and I like creating because I can make learning paths that are not only about school subjects. I was able to think outside the box to make fun and not boring challenges.”

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