Increasing self-confidence; enhancing communication skills; improving cognition; the positive impacts the arts have on students from an academic and personal growth standpoint are clear. But when you combine the arts with peer-to-peer learning, those benefits skyrocket and pour into other areas - including increasing engagement in their education, deepening curriculum comprehension, and adopting a growth mindset, to name a few.

At Isenberg Elementary School, students in Tiffany McDonald’s class are sharing their passions with their peers while honing in on their creativity, communication, and teaching skills by creating their own lessons on Tract.

By publishing their own learning paths as Tract Creators, Isenberg Elementary students are challenging their peers to explore new interests in the classroom, while broadening their 21st Century skills in a variety of kid-driven topics, like the arts, through hands-on challenges and projects.

"Students enjoy creating their own learning paths because it allows them to feel accomplished at something. I work with my students to become leaders in all that they do, and Tract helps them to become masters at what they enjoy, and become better communicators."
- Tiffany McDonald, Teacher at Isenberg Elementary School

Meet Tract Student Creator: @neelyjs911

Passionate about dance and the arts, Isenberg Elementary School student Neelyjs911 is sharing her skills in drawing with her peers through her first learning path on Tract titled: Draw a Face With Me!

This one-mission learning path, led by Neelyjs911, shows students a step-by-step tutorial to draw a human face, including detailed tips to ensure they know how to draw the best, most realistic looking face:  

After completing this learning path, students can upload a video or image of their own face drawing using the techniques they just learned from Neelyjs911, who then as the opportunity to continuing their role as the teacher by providing comments and feedback to the challenge submissions:

Submissions from peers at Isenberg Elementary School

With more than 20 students working on this learning path at a given time, Neelyjs911 has grown her audience and reach, giving her real-world experience in teaching, while sharing her passions with others in the school.  

"Creating on Tract is fun and allows me to teach others how to do things. Tract gives me practice for creating on other platforms, and helps me learn new things, like how to edit videos and bake."

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