How can you make classroom time more engaging for students? Have them teach, and learn from, their peers!

Research from Harvard shows that when students learn from their peers, they foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter, as well as a positive attitude toward the topic overall. And that’s not all - studies have also found that the benefit is mutual for the student teaching, too. By simply preparing to teach others, that student deepens their own knowledge of a given topic.

At Kendall Elementary School, students are transforming topics they’re passionate about into engaging video lessons for their peers to complete on Tract. Putting their creator skills to the test, Kendall Elementary students are tasked with outlining, scripting, recording, editing, and publishing lessons that break down niche topics, like drawing and making stop motion films, into short, easy-to-understand lessons.

Along with building core creative skills, Kendall Elementary School students are getting hands-on experience in teaching others in a virtual setting - a core skill employers are starting to look for in the future of work.

"I love that students can learn about anything they are curious about, or take part in 'passion learning' with Tract. It is so exciting to see students build the confidence to transition from learner to teacher, proving themselves to be leaders and share ideas with classmates more frequently"
-Susan Trizinsky, Teacher at Kendall Elementary School

Meet Tract Student Creator: @Coco4511

Combining his passion for stop motion editing with teaching his peers,  Kendall Elementary School student Coco4511 is leveraging his creative skills to teach other students in his school on Tract through a hands-on, step-by-step video lesson: Stop Motion With Food!

This one-mission learning path, led by Coco4511, begins by showing viewers his own stop motion editing and effects:

After completing this learning path, learners are challenged with a hands-on project to create their own stop motion video using the techniques they just learned from their peer, and now teacher, Coco4511. As submissions come in, Coco4511 has the opportunity to provide feedback in the project gallery in the form of awards, gifs, memes, and coins!

Submitted by Tract Member, and Kendall Elementary School Peer, DonkeyKong

By publishing learning paths on Tract, Coco4511 is not only building up an engaged audience of learners from around the world, but is also one step closer toward earning revenue as an official “Partner Creator” on Tract.

“Creating learning paths has enabled me to speak clearer and to be more confident. I love the creative process of turning an idea to life, and I have learned that it does not matter how many mistakes you make because you can always try again.”

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