School: Rowan Salisbury School

Location: Salisbury, North Carolina

Instructional Technology Coach: Ryane P.

Grade Levels: K - 5

Finding 21st Century PBL resources that also keep students engaged can be a challenge. So, when Ryane P., an Instructional Technology Coach for grades K - 5, discovered Tract with her colleague after a Google Search for PBL resources, she instantly fell in love.

“Most 21st Century platforms are just fun, and lack an educational aspect,” Ryane said. “We needed something that provided a real-world connection that yes, is fun, but also has a purpose that students can see the end result of.”

Seeing the philanthropic prize board was the icing on top of the cake. “We have really giving, caring kids in our school, and the moment we explained to them that the prizes they could redeem on Tract were selfless - and impact another person they don’t even know - a friendly, helpful competition evolved!.”

Upon signing in to their classroom account, Ryane was surprisingly pleased at how easy the YouTube/TikTok-style platform was for her third graders to navigate without prior instruction. Ryane and her colleagues were also impressed with the fact that students had the opportunity to join in and be part of the Tract community by recording themselves demonstrating what they’ve learned and created, along with the ability to receive positive feedback from Tract’s Creator Community and other learners on the platform.

“A lot of our students have YouTube and TikTok accounts, and don’t always get positive feedback for what they create. Tract provides them with that opportunity, and gives them a chance to feel included and appreciated by someone outside of the school’s inner-circle.”
-Ryane P., Instructional Technology Coach

Actual Time for PBL Time

Before Tract, PBL was a nice-to-have, but time-strapped teachers found it challenging to implement while also aligning lessons to the core curriculum. “Now, Tract has become a staple in the school because of how easy it is to incorporate to any lesson plan and grade level,” Ryane said.

Solutions for Students and Teachers

After implementing Tract, Ryane and the teachers at Rowan Salisbury School instantly saw student engagement skyrocket. Students not only expressed excitement to sign in to Tract, but also weren’t distracted while on the platform, so teachers didn’t need to worry as much about kids secretly signing into blocked platforms while using Tract on their iPads.

They also saw big improvements in student confidence, something the team as a whole has been working to improve this year amongst shy and reserved students.

“Students, girls especially, have been really inspired by the older Creators on the platform,” Ryane said. In fact, after learning that one Creator, Samaira Mehta, had started her own business and taught others how to code at the age of 12, one student set a new aspiration to do the same. “It helps students come to the realization that they don’t have to wait until they’re older to make a difference. They can achieve their dreams now!”

Would Ryane recommend Tract to other Teachers and Instructional Coaches? In one word: definitely.

“It’s hard to find resources that are free, work with the school’s iPads, and can integrate with our curriculum and PBL Time. Tract checks off all the boxes.”
-Ryane P., Instructional Technology Coach

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