When students are presented with the opportunity to pursue their passions, they instantly become more engaged in their education. When they then have the chance to teach those passions to their peers, their engagement skyrockets and transforms into growth and excitement in their learning.

On Tract, students can translate their passions into creating their own video lessons, which not only increases their subject matter comprehension, but also builds self-confidence, creativity, technology, and communication skills -- skills needed to be successful in the 21st Century.

"Tract is empowering our students to become creators instead of consumers"
-Barry Huhu, Teacher at Gisborne Intermediate School

Meet Tract Student Creator: Leytonh

Gisborne Intermediate student Leytonh hopes to someday turn his passion for Rugby into a career, and shared that interest with his peers through an action-packed learning path that he created during his classroom’s Genius Hour: Learn How To Be The Best Rugby Player 🏉

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The hands-on learning path, led by Leytonh himself, begins by exploring the history of rugby through the ages, followed by a challenge for learners taking the path to research 5 fun facts about any rugby team, and identifying their favorite Rugby player.

In mission 2, learners get the chance to show off the skills Leytonh teaches them by uploading a video of them kicking and passing a rugby ball with a partner.  

Check out some of the amazing submissions from peers, who are now active members of Leytonh’s growing Tract audience:

As learners submit projects to his path on Tract, Leytonh has the opportunity to provide direct, peer-to-peer feedback in the form of text responses, fun gifs and memes, and through Tract Awards, which gives learners Coins that they can use to award their peers and to donate directly to causes on Tract’s philanthropic prize board!

By going through the creator process on Tract, Leytonh has quickly climbed up the ranking from a Creator to a Tract Affiliate, which gives him the ability to publish classes that the entire Tract member base can access, while building an audience and working toward the coveted status of a paid Tract Partner.

"Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try. Being a Tract Creator was a big step not only in leadership, but in ambition to share my knowledge with others. I had a go at this mighty challenge knowing it would be encouragement that got me all the way."
-Leyton H., Tract Student Creator

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