Learning by teaching - or the Protégé Effect - has been proven to help students develop a deeper understanding of what they’ve learned. By breaking down a big-picture idea into smaller, easy-to-understand steps for their peers to follow along, students improve self- efficacy, confidence and communication skills - skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century.

Through creating their own learning path on Tract, students can easily harness their passions and apply them toward something educationally valuable — teaching — while sharpening 21st Century skills through a hands-on educational experience that gives them the ability to self-direct, deepen passions, and inspire the next generation.

“Tract has helped my students find a creative pathway for sharing their own skills. Whether it’s creating their own paths for peers to follow, which allows them to show off their skills and impart knowledge on others, or following paths that others have made to gain new skills with the help of their peers through feedback and awards.”
-Jack Adams, Teacher at Gisborne Central School

Meet Tract Student Creator: Y0ur_L0caL_D0ra

Passionate about drawing and anime, Gisborne student Lily, known as Y0ur_L0caL_D0ra on Tract, is sharing her interests in art with students in her school on Tract through a hands-on, step-by-step video lesson: How to Draw a Cute Cupcake.

This two mission learning path, led by Y0ur_L0caL_D0ra, begins by sharing the required supplies needed to draw a very cute cupcake (pencils, eraser, ruler, and markers or colored pencils), and then shows students how to outline their cupcake with an example created by Y0ur_L0caL_D0ra for inspiration!

Students end this two-mission path by coloring in their outline and then uploading a photo of their masterpiece to showcase on the Tract Project Gallery for their peers to see.

“Other than providing her with time, Lily has been able to work independently on her own path with no help or assistance, and has been self motivated to create some paths using her own skills to help others and improve their, mostly, artistic skills.”
-Jack Adams, Teacher at Gisborne Central School

As learners submit projects to this learning path, Y0ur_L0caL_D0ra not only has the opportunity to build up an engaged audience for her lessons, but also the chance to provide direct, peer-to-peer feedback. Through text responses, fun gifs, memes, and Tract Awards, Y0ur_L0caL_D0ra can award Coins for her peers’ submissions, which can be used to donate directly to causes on Tract’s philanthropic prize board!

By creating her first learning path, Y0ur_L0caL_D0ra has earned “Creator” status on Tract, which gives her the ability to publish video lessons for her whole school to see!

“I have learned the importance of making shorter videos for people, and by teaching other people how to draw, I get to use my skills to help them get better.”

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