According to an article from The Balance, creative thinking is one of the most sought-after skills by employers today. From the ability to think outside the box, to offering creative solutions and new ideas to problems, creative thinkers bring open-mindedness and clear communication skills to the workforce.

To help students hone in on these 21st century skills and prepare for a creativity-first job market, we can start practicing skills that foster creative thinking in the classroom - like drawing! And, as we know, there’s no one better for students to learn these skills from than their own peers, which is exactly what students at Raven Stream Elementary School are doing.

“Along with making students want to channel their artistic creativity, they're learning patience and flexibility through creating their own learning paths and teaching their peers."
- Hannah S., Teacher at Raven Stream Elementary School

Meet Tract Student Creator: @spookythings

Combining their passion for drawing and art, Raven Stream Elementary School student spookythings is teaching their own virtual art lessons on Tract for peers to follow along through their self-published learning path: How to Draw a Mushroom.

This one-mission learning path, led by spookythings, shows viewers a step-by-step tutorial of how to draw a mushroom using only a paper and pen - tools readily available both in a classroom and home setting.

After completing this learning path, learners from around the world are challenged to tap into their creative skills by completing a hands-on project to show off their own mushroom drawings using the techniques they just learned from their peer, and now teacher, spookythings.

As submissions come in, spookythings has the opportunity to provide feedback in the project gallery in the form of awards, gifs, memes, and coins!

Submitted by Tract Members Allisole30 and WestonPrentice

By publishing learning paths on Tract, spookythings is focused on improving their art skills and teaching ability, while earning "Affiliate" and "Partner" status to teach students beyond their classroom.

"It's fun to show people what you can do, and teach people how to do something you like to do, through a simple video."

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