Learning through teaching is a powerful tool as it challenges students to break down larger ideas into easy-to-understand concepts. When students learn through teaching their peers, they engage in a hands-on experience that builds up critical 21st century skills  like communication, creativity, and self-efficacy -- skills they can’t get from a textbook alone.

By developing their own learning path on Tract, students of any level can share their passions and interests with their classroom peers, while breaking down ideas into easy-to-follow video lessons. And, with each learning path ending in a project for peers to complete, students are challenged to end each video lesson with a project that checks if their peers have learned something from the path.  

From conceptualizing an idea, to recording, editing, and publishing an engaging lesson for their peers, students on Tract are leveling up their creator skills - something employers are looking for most in the next generation.

“Often the teaching curriculum is limited to subject matter that doesn’t match all students’ interests. When students create their own learning paths, they dig deeper into topics that aren’t covered in the curriculum. This allows the students to share what they love doing by pursuing their passions and interests; They become motivated and engaged, making Tract a win-win for both students and educators!”
-Michelle Dunn, Teacher at Donegal School District

Meet Tract Student Creator: @Fair129

Passionate about history and the arts, Donegal Intermediate School student Fair129 is combining their interests, while sharing their skills and expertise in solving rubik's cubes, with students in their school on Tract through a hands-on, step-by-step video lesson: How to Solve a 2 by 2 Rubik’s Cube!

This three-mission learning path, led by Fair129, begins by showing learners how to solve just one side of a Rubik’s cube to help them learn the basics. Next, viewers follow along as Fair129 shares the secret steps and acronyms to solve an entire Rubik’s cube, and ends the path by challenging peers to complete one on their own.

After completing this learning path, learners can upload videos of themselves completing a Rubik’s cube to the Project Gallery on Tract, where Fair129 and other students at Donegal Intermediate School - along with the Tract Creators! - can like, comment, and provide feedback in the form of fun gifs, memes, and awards.

“I love creating on Tract because the people and the community are so uplifting, kind, and inspiring.”

By publishing learning paths on Tract, Fair129 has earned “Creator” status, which gives him the ability to publish video lessons for all of Donegal Intermediate School to engage with!

“I love that students of all abilities and learning levels can create learning paths…Tract puts them on the same level playing field. All of my students look forward to our “Tract Tuesdays,” and they always groan when the period is over - I rarely get groans from students when I tell them the period is over!”
-Michelle Dunn, Teacher at Donegal School District

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