I know every parent wants their child to thrive. Yet COVID-19 is creating challenges we never imagined. Parents now have an even bigger role in managing their child's education, which can be overwhelming and time-intensive.

Elementary and middle school kids, who are typically highly engaged with learning, are now becoming tired and disengaged.

Our goal is to keep kids excited to learn.

When kids adopt a growth mindset, anything is possible. We believe that every child deserves to learn in a way that enriches their minds, unlocks their true potential, and provides them with lifelong skills to flourish in today's world.

For these reasons, I, Ari Memar, and my co-founder,  Esther Wojcicki, created Tract: the afterschool program for today’s kids. Esther is author of the bestselling parenting book "How to Raise Successful People", California Teacher of the Year, Founder of Palo Alto Media Arts Program (the largest student-run publication in the United States). And I am Esther’s former student and a former Product Leader at Uber.

Tract is a student-directed online learning platform that enables parents to easily implement high quality, engaging learning at home. Tract digitizes Esther's proven teaching philosophy, TRICK, which makes kids the CEOs of their education. Our mission is to empower your child to be tomorrow's innovator, leader, and global citizen.

Our passionate course creators, all accomplished high school and college students, have captured the essence of afterschool activities (interest-based learning, mentorship, social connection) into our wide selection of courses based on popular topics like Sportswriting, Video Games, Art, Music, Cooking, Government, Business, and more. With our live stream events, kids can learn directly from our inspiring course creators and participate in fun, educational, and engaging live activities.

I am excited to announce that we are offering a free trial of Tract. We'll be accepting a limited number of people, so add your name to our waitlist here. We can't wait for your child to experience Tract and transform their relationship with education.