Kids spend most of their waking hours in school. Today’s schools are now being asked to prepare kids for careers and challenges that don’t yet exist. That can be a daunting task.

How can we best prepare our kids to be successful in the 21st century, when the world we know today is not the same as tomorrow?

Technology and automation have made productivity and rule-following retired skills of the prior century, and now creativity is king. It’s these human skills, or as I call existential skills, like creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking that all kids need. After all, this is precisely what employers are looking for -- and they are telling us kids today do not have them.

Throughout this change teachers have been on the frontlines. Taking on new leadership, new technologies, new standards, constant turnover, with a positive attitude. It’s hard. Really hard. But all worth it when you see your kids excited, passionate, learning, and overcoming challenges. Teachers are the unit of change. Our future depends on the work of our teachers.

We created Tract with this in mind -- teachers need a partner that has their back through these changes, gives teachers time back, and makes sparking each kid’s passion a little bit easier. After all that’s why we all chose this profession.

On Tract, kids can learn, create, share, and teach each other in a safe space they own and love. A place for kids to share the incredible work they are doing beyond the classroom to an authentic audience. A place to discover new interests and passions. A place to build self-confidence and the skills required to be successful in the 21st century.

FREE for teachers. No professional development required. No maker space necessary. Just a connected device and the internet. You can get your classroom started in under 5 minutes by signing up here.

Join hundreds of educators around the world who are innovating in education and bringing Tract to their kids for Project-Based Learning, Genius Hour, Gifted and Talented Enrichment, Social Emotional Learning, Distance Learning, and other creative ways!

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